Moments like these…

look at how beautiful and happy my little one looks ❤ (excuse the snapchat caption… but he does look like a bit like a bear)

There are these moments, if we’re lucky enough, that come around every now and then, and are so powerful they knock the air right out of your lungs and make you weak at the knees. So far, in my life, I’ve had two such moments. The first was when I was walking one of my dogs in the park on the most beautiful day in May. The sun was shining, there was the most perfect breeze keeping us from melting and the sky was such a glorious blue that it was impossible not to be in a good mood. Odin, one of our little tribe, was this terrified little ball when he came to us just under a year prior to the day I’m talking about. He was scared of everything, and it took us six months to get him to the park on a lead with our other two. And yet here he was, on this almost unfairly gorgeous day, walking along happily with me in the park (a feat I am immensely proud of because it took him like, four or five months to warm up to me at all) tail wagging, trotting around following scents of foxes, or rabbits, making girl dogs (and humans) fall in love with him and follow him around (true story, he’s going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up). He stopped to investigate some grass, and I stopped with him, naturally, and looked up at the sky, with treetops lining the horizon and birds singing, that gentle breeze rippling through the air and I was just overwhelmed with how perfect everything was, just in that instance, and how incredibly, completely lucky I am. This moment came before I’d even applied to the pilot school I’m at now, and I got this incredible sense of calm and immense gratitude, paired with both a readiness for an unknown something and a really specific, new kind of patience.

My second moment happened during a flight last week. I was at 6,500 ft, cruising along the shoreline and was forced to just sit and take stock of what I was doing. Being up there, just me in my tiny little aeroplane (especially when you compare my little Cherokee with the Airbuses I landed behind at Fort Lauderdale Intl (It’s still absolute madness to me that I landed at a super busy international airport by myself in a tiny little plane and that ATC even took me in my little Cherokee seriously actually blows my mind! [even though that’s technically their job… but still! It was a massive deal for me])

It’s these moments that I absolutely live for 

Being up there, just me, my thoughts (and ATC) is honestly my favourite thing ever. There is nothing like it, and there is nothing I want more than to spend all the time I possibly can up in the sky. 6,500ft isn’t even remotely high at all, and I cannot wait until I get into Fluid Levels instead of feet (that’s like, 60,000 feet and above). My moment was just so perfectly tranquil, almost meditative, and I was again overwhelmed by such immense gratitude. My entire life seems to be falling into place (kind of like how the Fate Sisters promised Hades they would in Hercules when he wanted to unleash the Titans etc) I’m doing the only thing that I’ve always wanted to do and absolutely loving it, and I have a really solid group of friends and family whom I adore. Felling beyond blessed at the minute, and I think it’s super important to take stock and chronicle moments like these because they don’t happen often and it is a true gift when they do.

“How big, How blue, How beautiful” 

Just the greatest few weeks so far. 2018 is shaping up to be pretty incredible for me already!

Hope you’re all wonderful and things are going pretty well for you too xx

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