Officially a Pilot…and it is wonderful!

I did it! I’m officially a Private Pilot. (below: the first selfie I took with my stripes on, but no make-up so it isn’t fabulous) I look so ridiculously happy in this, and I’m actually so fine with that because I look exactly how I feel! stripes

I’m going to take this moment to sit with this feeling, this wonderful feeling I’m feeling right now. I’m proud of myself, and so grateful, and honestly just so happy. It sounds so simple, “happy”, but it’s the best way to put into words what I’m feeling right now. I cannot believe that I have actually passed my checkride and made it to Private Pilot. For a really long time (honestly, I think I’ve felt like this since like, forever) I just didn’t have enough self-belief to actually believe I could do it. It’s just such a massive affirmation of my ability to actually achieve my dream.

I can’t wait to start time-building! I basically get given a plane in which to explore a bunch of airports in Florida. Just flying around, every day, by myself! Tomorrow is actually going to be a super exciting day for me, I’m doing a long cross-country in the morning (over 300 nautical miles, with stops at three airports) and then starting the next phase of learning in Instrument Ground. I reckon I’m going to come home completely shattered but OH MY GOD I’m actually doing it!! I’m actually a real life, qualified Private Pilot and I am beyond thrilled!!

Basically me right now


Honestly, the best part about all of this is how proud I’ve made my friends and family. Particularly my family. They’re my world, and my doing well is honestly just a way for me to say thank you and confirm that they were right to believe in, encourage and support me. (It’s definitely a great reminder of that for me, too!) My wildest dreams are coming true right now, and it’s better than I ever imagined it would be. I’m so grateful and thrilled and proud of myself, and I need to say: following your dreams or your heart is never going to be easy (trust me, I would know) but my goodness it is so much more satisfying to succeed when you know you’ve put your whole existence, your blood, sweat, and tears into doing this thing that you love and want to do forever. Caveat: if you start down the road to your dream and notice that it may not necessarily be what you thought it would be/you’re not getting as much joy from it as you thought, it’s okay to do something else. Don’t feel like you have to stick to something because you’ve spoken about it for so long – it’s okay to change your mind.

In saying that, when you know what your dream is and get an opportunity to chase it, GRAB IT WITH BOTH HANDS. It is honestly the best thing you can do with your life.

Okay, so, now that I’ve shared the big news, I’ll go backwards and recount my whole time in Florida in the next few posts.





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