I’ve been inordinately busy these last few weeks, so I’ve been neglecting my little corner of the internet

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So, consider these next posts to be a mini-series of throwbacks to all the somewhat interesting things that I’d gotten up to recently!! (A couple won’t be sooo recent, they’re from like April because, again, I’m a mess and have failed to write about them until now.

The First in the Miniseries. . . 


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My birthday was back in April, and to celebrate the aging process, my family and I went to have dinner at Ciccetti (a super lush, Venetian-inspired Italian small-plate affair) followed by PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!!!!! I. Freaked. Out.

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My sister and I have loved Phantom for aaaages, but somehow never managed to go see it. UNTIL THAT DAY. I had no idea that that’s what we were doing, I had been very successfully kept in the dark, and only found out as we got to Her Majesty’s Theatre and I realised what was on.

So, Dinner first. Ciccetti is basically like an Italian tapas bar, you order loads of littles for the table to share, so there isn’t really a set starter-main-dessert order. It was amazing. All the food was delicious, and because of the small-plates for everyone to share, none of us experienced any food envy, because we all had a bit of everything!

Shout out for the dish of the night was the lobster ravioli – divine. So much so that we ordered another plate even though we were about one sip of water away from a food coma!! The arancini gets a special mention too, because it was delightful.

We all shared dessert, and what a dessert it was. It was like three scoops of chocolate and hazelnut ice cream, with chocolate shavings and chocolate sauce. Deeeeeeelightful (so much so that it gets its own centre frame)

2017-04-19 18.43.42-1
Dessert was basically a large bucket of different chocolate ice creams to share. GLORY.


Now, on to the main event.

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Crikey, where do I begin?!

The whole production was completely and utterly phenomenal. It didn’t lack any of the magic that comes from an editing team and audio-visual effects that you find in the telly, I’d even say it was much more authentic without too too much extra stuff that the luxury of editing a non-live performance offers.

The staging and the people responsible for it achieved perfection. Most of the time, staging transitions between numbers were so seamless that we barely noticed them, but everything made sense. It was dreamlike, like when you’re asleep and dreaming and you find yourself in different places, and those places all make sense, but you don’t know how you got there. Until, of course, you start paying attention so that you can watch the genius take place!

The entire cast was flawless. Ben Forster (who won Lloyd Webber’s BBC One show “Superstar” during his search for the next Jesus) became the Phantom incredibly well, with little unique elements that only contributed to the greatness the whole cast and crew achieved. Celinde Schoenmaker played Christine, and the tone of her voice was so perfect for the role that my sister and I decided to buy the soundtrack of the performance we saw just to prolong the joy of watching Phantom.

All in all, absolutely stunning show, and amazing evening. 10/10 would recommend to a friend – go get tickets to see it ASAP!



Well, that was my incredibly late post about my birthday. Hope you enjoyed it!

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