Thursday’s the day for Thai!

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Last night, Lorraine (one of my friends from uni) and had I a (long overdue) catch up at a Thai restaurant in Southwark called Thai Silkthai silk

So it’s tucked away (as gems tend to be) round the corner from Southwark station and like five minutes from Waterloo. It’s surprisingly big, too. It’s kind of like two really big rooms, one’s the restaurant and one’s the bar. The weather was lovely last night so there were loads of people eating and drinking in the front bit outside.

In an unexpected turn of events, Lorraine and I decided what we were eating within, I’d say around seven minutes of sitting down (truly, a record-breaking miracle).

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We got the Earlybird dinner, a set menu with a platter of four starters, and then two mains with a choice of jasmine rice and or egg noodles (or in our case, both). We got the duck and the beef, which were both really good. The beef had a gentle heat to it, or as Lorraine put it: “my tongue is burning a little, but in a good way”.  The mains come with stir-fried vegetables, and the broccoli in particular was delicious!

Above Left: Starter – Vegetable Spring Rolls, Chicken Satay, Fish Cakes and Crispy Noodles (Lorraine suggested that maybe trying the crispy noodles would be a less-than-ideal experience so I passed on that) 

Above Right: Wok-fried roast duck with green veg, Wok-fried beef with chilli, lime leaves and thai herbs, steamed rice, egg-fried noodles and stir-fried veg. 

So the feast we had came to £11.95 each, and with drinks and gratuity the meal came to £17 something – the waiter who gave us our bill was impressively good at quick mental maths, which in itself could provide reason to go there.

Just as we finished eating (we sat there for a good long while after our table had been cleared) the DJ at the bar next door cranked up the tunes, (Sean Paul featured, four times, as did the Happy Birthday Song, as did Bruno Mars). We got the best of both worlds; no sticky floors, no drunk, sweaty people (and there were definitely a few of those in our line of sight, believe me) but comfy seats, music in the background so we could still talk (AKA cry with laughter every two seconds) while enjoy the funky sound of “Shake That Thang”.

The atmosphere was really friendly, and they didn’t seem to mind that Lorraine and I sat there until closing. Definitely so worth it for a really fun evening and a meal at less than £20 each!!  Would definitely recommend, and I imagine it would be a particularly good place to eat pre-theatre on account of the super speedy service we got.

So, those were my musings on last night’s dinner with Lorraine! Have a good week, folks xx


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