International Women’s Day

Okay, so I’ve been super busy (and unhealthily stressed) recently, spending, like, eight hours a day in Starbucks studying, on top of school and flying and grounds and stuff.

But, it’s International Women’s Day, so let’s talk about women!

What would #IWD18 be without any mention of Queen B? I ask you!


Now, I may well be biased, but I think we’re pretty great. I mean, I honestly have never understood why people think the fact that women have the ability to create and nurture baby humans has been seen as a weakness?! How insane is it that we can literally grow new people inside of us while we crack on with all our other millions of things to do (because there really are, always just eighteen million other things for us to be cracking on with). I mean like, it’s the thought of pushing a person out of me is completely terrifying but it’s still super cool, no? Surely, if anything, it should be seen as a strength, no?

Okay, so not only do we have the ability to grow new people and make sure they’re okay by growing their staple food source in our bodies, but like, we literally win at everything. Like, I’m yet to come across a single thing a woman cannot do because of the fact that we have uteruses? uteri? idk but you get my drift. The question is, and has always been, whether we have been allowed to do all the things as well as, if not better than, men. This isn’t going to turn into one of those male-bashing rants, at all. It’s more the sum of my general wondering as to how, exactly, society became patriarchal. We all accept that it is, that in the 1940s men went off to work and women baked loaves of bread in between cleaning the house and keeping their hair perfectly big, but how did that start? Why has it taken us this long to change it? Why do we have to fight so hard to get exactly the same treatment as men? It just doesn’t make sense to me at all.


Anyway, I just wanted to share how grateful I am that I’ve had the best female Force-of-Nature role models possible. My mother, my sister, my grandmother, my friends. My friends are a unique inspiration to me. Each of my friends who are girls are strong, powerful women, and having the honour to see them grow into who they are. They are all beautifully accomplished in their own ways; one has a built a business, a couple have a beautiful life with their significant others while maintaining their sense of self (which can be duper difficult, and they manage it admirably), a couple have masters. All of them are mapping out their lives in the most incredible, honest and graceful way possible, and as I think about each of them now I feel so grateful and privileged to know them and bare witness to their metamorphoses. (below: myself and a few of my female inspirations: my mum my sister, my friends from both school and uni… it has also just occurred to me that I haven’t taken nearly enough pictures of myself with my friends) I am definitely asleep on my sister there, that actually happened a lot.

I can count my female friends on two hands. I can count my male friends (from home) on more than two hands. The thing is, I think women think they have to prove that they’re better than other women in order to be perceived as successful.

Miranda Bailey expresses my reaction to that notion with one look better than all the words I could use do


Obviously, 22 years isn’t a whole bunch of time in which to experience things, but it always seems to me that we, as a sub-species, work so much better when we know we have each others’ backs. Even recently, one of my friends here (who’s a girl, WOO) has been my sounding board: she went through the same stuff that I’m going through and it’s  so helpful to know that there is someone there who gets it and has been there and generally just understands when I’m frustrated with things or having a shitty day. Everything just goes better when you don’t have the added stress of competing unnecessarily with each other and can take a deep breath knowing you’re covered, should you need it.

I really need to get back to studying, but Happy International Women’s Day everyone! Women are underestimated, under-appreciated forces of nature, and I, for one, would be nowhere near the person I am today without some pretty miraculous women to teach me and be my role models. Take a deep breath, give each other a hug or a high five, and take a second to be grateful to all the women you know who have helped carve you into who you are right now. I reckon there’ll be more powerhouse women propping you up than you ever noticed/gave them credit for!



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